About us

Welcome To Especially For Him [An EFH & H Fashion Corporation Division].The store for tremendous savings on men’s clothing and apparel such as men’s dress and casual pants, slacks and jeans. We have been selling online for over 12 years and manufacturing for 30 years.

With Especially For Him, you can rest assured that you are getting unbelievable value and prices, as if you were purchasing direct from the manufacture at wholesale prices or less!

Especially For Him has made arrangements with several large manufacturers and or importers, whereas we are able to purchase their excess inventory at very advantages prices and pass on the savings to our buyers. These manufactures excesses are due to production overruns, credit holds, order cancellations and samples. WE DO NOT PURCHASE damaged goods or seconds.

By agreements with our suppliers, we will not advertise the products brand names, unless they have granted us permission to do so. In some cases, the original brands tags and or labels maybe removed or whitened out or modified to a nondescript name. All of our merchandise is brand new and are authentic originals, coming straight to us from the actual manufacture or importer.

The above special arrangement allows you to purchase the items at UNBELIEVABLE BARGAIN PRICES, which are at wholesale prices or less. Your Savings will generally range in the 50% to 80% range off the suggested retail price!